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Traduza-me em sua língua e versifique-me em tua boca.Sinho Livre


expensives friends,
have also been young.

and therefore
already believed in youth.
in their political purposes,
in their ideologies
and their suitability.

Today, resigned,
I am more than a wilting flower in a vase abandoned
waiting to be removed
put in the sun,
waiting to be ...

did make many promises,
so many hoaxes.
my gaze penetrates the fake fur
and shows me the pleasure of makeup.

all of me cause distrust
sacrifice to reach the glory.
me ...
everything passes, nothing remains now.

and however much the emotions dominate me ...
My body is a secret place of old furniture.
and my heart is quiet and docile, not swaying ever.
not cover more revolutions or hallucinogens.
exhausting and almost as much monotnia.

but if there are battles,
ah if there are battles ...
he soon shifter in pest
and lose all accumulated calm.
no longer accept the losses,
then adheres to all the riots,
longing for a brief acknowledgments and achievements.

but immediately after the end of fighting
back to sleep deep,
reaching sometimes confusing,
the living and dead.


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